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Web Vulnerabilities

Attackers are ready to focus on weaknesses often found and the ease with which they can be exploited. Web vulnerabilities include the flaws and shortcomings in your websites, which invites attackers to take advantage of them. Web vulnerabilities are the most common attacks, irrespective of how attackers get their first foothold.

Harshwal & Company LLP ensures an accurate vulnerability scan. Our experts take care of your core vulnerability management, which includes vulnerability scanning and remediation via patch management. We are committed to making vulnerability detection more than an under-looked sector.

Experts at Harshwal & Company LLP help you detect the very first steps of the attackers, including phishing, access control bypass, and point attacks. We keep you stress-free by keeping track of your security scans and web vulnerabilities updated.

Our team truly understands that web vulnerabilities are on the rise because web applications need to interact with multiple networks, and that level of accessibility becomes advantageous for hackers. Cybersecurity experts at HCLLP focus on the weaknesses that attackers can easily exploit.

Web Vulnerabilities
Web Vulnerability Services

Services We Provide:

Our web vulnerability services follow a cycle of identifying vulnerabilities before they get bigger. The web vulnerability services at HCLLP include identification and authentication failures, cryptographic failures detection, injection, and many more. Our critical services include:

  • Security Misconfiguration –The most common vulnerability and prime driver of cyber-attacks is security misconfiguration. We at Harshwal provide the remedies to your security misconfiguration and keep you cyber-secure.
  • Identification and authentication failures -When applications execute functions incorrectly, intruders get an open invitation to access your security keys, passwords, and session controls. Our experts carefully monitor failed login attempts and take the initiative required to keep you protected.
  • Injection –Injection vulnerabilities are common while inserting untrusted data into the interpreter via SQL or LDAP injection. We combine strategies like segregating commands from data and parameterizing queries or prepared statements to keep you away from vulnerabilities.
  • Server-side request forgery –This web vulnerability is also known as SSRF commonly. It allows the attackers to force a server-side application to send HTTP requests to other domains that the attackers can choose. We implement input validation and use regular expressions to prevent web vulnerabilities.

Industries We Serve:

Our web vulnerability detection services are available for a variety of industries. A few key sectors we serve are:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Small and medium Enterprises
  • State and Local Governments
  • Special districts and School Districts
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Gaming enterprises
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Why Choose HCLLP

Why Choose Us -

Harshwal & Company LLP has a dedicated and expert team to provide you with web vulnerability detection services. We offer our clients:

  • Cost-saving web vulnerability detection services –We understand that not every firm is capable of spending on the continuous vulnerability scan of its network. That is where we support such firm firms with our cost-effective outsourcing options.
  • Data privacy and security-enriched solutions –We provide our clients with the most secure and safe web vulnerability detection services. We are committed to data protection and confidentiality.
  • Latest Vulnerability Scan –We are updated with the latest vulnerabilities and offer the highest level of protection. Our web detection services can help you minimize flaws and improve the efficiency of your work. We provide web vulnerability services that you can rely on. We protect your data as our data.
  • Customized plans to suit your working models –We genuinely understand that every organization has a unique working model. Therefore, we customize our web vulnerability detection plans suited to your work environment.
  • Customer resolution –We ensure not only timely and advantageous services, but we also make sure that all your queries are resolved on time. We have a dedicated chat box available 24*7 to support you.

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