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What is Remote Bookkeeping?

A bookkeeper is an individual who holds the responsibility of maintaining the records and books of all of a business financial statements, receivables, payables, tax preparation, financial record accuracy analysis, payroll services, and bookkeeping. A remote bookkeeper offers all of these services virtually, and is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to an in-house bookkeeper.

The operating style and working principles of a remote bookkeeper are slightly different from a regular bookkeeper. As you know, an ordinary bookkeeper uses the employer’s property including place, system, and all the other required materials for performing his or her day-to-day duties. However, hiring a remote bookkeeper can help you avoid a lot of the inefficiencies that are associated with hiring a traditional bookkeeper.

A remote bookkeeper remotely accesses the employer’s accounting system from his or her location and serves all of the client’s specific bookkeeping and accounting needs from this location.

Remote Bookkeeping
Why Choose HCLLP

Why choose Harshwal?

Hiring a remote bookkeeper is a great way to save costs and improve efficiency — unless you hire the wrong one. The wrong remote bookkeeper can cause your business to experience inefficiencies, or suffer from bookkeeping errors. Here at Harshwal & Company, our remote bookkeepers are experienced with working remotely, highly skilled, and capable of helping your business achieve maximum growth and success.

For a decade, we have employed a team of highly skilled remote bookkeepers in San Diego, San Francisco California and throughout the rest of the United States. Clients from all across the United States are invited to contact us and give us the opportunity to showcase our exceptionally talented remote bookkeeping services. You will find that the services we provide will far exceed your expectation, at a very affordable and convenient price.

Who do we serve?

We offer services in a wide range of industries with a vast variety of service plans that varies as per their business needs. Our full-service bookkeeping offers clients complete peace of mind. We’ll come up with a customized plan to suit your business, and make personalized recommendations on all the possible ways and strategies to optimize your business.

    Some of the fundamental services offered by the remote bookkeeper here at HCLLP:

  • Designing, creating, managing, and reviewing the complete accounting system.
  • Management of payments, receipts, invoice processing, and all other accounts payables and receivables.
  • Initial financial statement preparation.
  • Lodging and preparing your BAS.
  • GST calculation and management.
  • Accounts reconciliation and its report preparation.
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