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Guiding You to the Appropriate Agency Program

The resulting COVID-19 pandemic has placed a substantial economic burden on businesses across the country. Federal and State Governments are offering financial assistance to businesses to meet their obligations during this economic crisis. Some may be in the form of grants; others as loans. Many states are offering their emergency funding programs.

At Harshwal & Company LLP, we help businesses identify the ways to attract funding and financial assistance for your business. Our team of accounting experts and financial planners devise the best strategy to gain recovery from federal and local government grants, help you identify the best-suited program which could fetch you higher loans with low repayment. HCLLP tax policy professionals and finance experts are monitoring these programs closely and are available to assist with guiding you to the appropriate agency program. Our team of experts keeps a close watch for any updates and changes in the CARE Act to get better benefits from these government grants.

Our expert team of finance planners helps you manage all finances in such a manner to get maximum returns with lower inputs. We choose the best suitable strategy for your to recover and steadily move to your business goals after the COVID-19 pandemic. From application filing to comply with government norms, documentation to approvals, we at HCLLP are there to help you make the best use of government funding.

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