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Non Profit Accountants in Oakland and Albuquerque

A perfect solution for not for profit accounting services and a reliable partner for all your not for profit audit requirements.

Nearly 1.54 million non-profit organizations are working whole-heartedly to serve society with an average combined value of 5.79 trillion US dollars and expenses of 2.48 trillion US dollars. Their goal is not to generate wealth but to help different groups in need with several fundraising methods.

Not-for-profit organizations in the US are exempt from taxes under IRS, but maintaining the IRS tax-exempt status and public charity status is not an easy nutshell to crack. Multiple compliances are to be fulfilled to acquire and continue this status. Not-for-profit organizations are accountable to the donors, oversight agencies, and those they serve.

Harshwal & Company LLP's dedicated team of not for profit auditors and accountants is well aware of the expectations of donors, grantors, regulators and stakeholders, and the public. Thus we help our clients fulfil their commitments and mitigate control deficiencies.

Not-for-profit Organization
Not for profit Services

Services We Offer

HCLLP offers a wide range of Not for profit auditing and accounting services. Our critical services involve:

  • Preparing and reviewing non-profit financial statements
  • Financial accounting and bookkeeping
  • Formatting accounts balance sheets
  • Accounting for restricted funds
  • Financial Planning and risk management for Not-for-profits
  • Auditing with Uniform Guidance and assurance services
  • Consulting and management advisory services
  • Tax preparation, filing, and return services
  • Budget review & analysis
  • Internal accounting controls
  • Internal audit
  • Not-for-Profit Consultation
  • IRS Form 5500
  • IRS Section 501(c)(3) status
  • Preparation of IRS Form 990, 990 T and applicable state returns
  • The practice of IRS Forms 1023 and 1024 for tax exemption
  • Planning third-party management and sponsorship
  • Advisory Service as per new accounting pronouncements and IRS developments

Sectors of Not-for-profits we serve:

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Religion
  • Art and culture
  • Medical and Scientific Research
  • Association
  • Charities
  • Environment Activist Associations
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Why Choose HCLLP

How are we ahead of our competitors?

  • Flexible and customized plans for not for profit accounting and auditingWe understand the variance in the functioning of every industry and are flexible enough as per the clients' working model. Our expert team understands your work culture adequately and provides you with the most appropriate and cost-effective customized auditing and accounting services.
  • Accurate and credible CPA firm for Not for Profit OrganizationsOur auditors are well-trained and experienced in providing the most accurate and credible audit reports.
  • The most secure yet transparent accounting and auditing for not for profit organizationsSince we are well aware of your privacy concerns, we are committed to keeping your data safe and still being transparent enough while preparing your audit reports.
  • Innovative and technologically advanced not for profit auditing providersIn the era of digitization, when the world innovates every minute, we are committed to being in line with the updates and technical advancements.
HCLLP Key features

Key Features making Us Different

  • Affordability -We genuinely appreciate not-for-profit organizations' primary goal of serving society. And we also understand that these organizations think twice before investing money, not directly reaching the public. Therefore, HCLLP offers the best-in-class and most affordable auditing and accounting services for not for profit organizations.
  • Responsiveness -HCLLP is committed to taking full responsibility for keeping your accounts accurate and updated. Our experienced professionals offer quick assistance in handling complex not-for-profit challenges.
  • Timely Delivery -Our team is committed to meeting deadlines and ensuring on-time service delivery. We not only focus on delivering on time but also delivering quality rich services.
  • Efficiency -We provide our not-for-profit clients with a complete range of accounting solutions, so they can focus on their critical operations, enhancing their efficiency.
  • Attentiveness –Our not for profit accounting experts believe that communication is the key to success; hence we are very attentive while seeking details from our clients.
The Volunteer Treasure's Handbook

“The Volunteer Treasurer’s Handbook - 3rd Edition 2020” - Updated with COVID-19 response!

A comprehensive financial management guide for volunteer treasurers of not-for-profit organizations to help them do their jobs better and with greater confidence, it will also help auditors, even if their experience with not-for-profit organizations is less than extensive.
This must-have handbook for not-for-profit organization treasurers and their accountants and auditors is an indispensable resource that will help you access the exclusive aspects of accounting and financial management for non-profit organizations. “The Volunteer Treasurer’s Handbook - 3rd Edition 2020” will guide you to do the following:

  • Attain a complete knowledge of the accounting problems unique to non-profit organizations.
  • Get to know and execute recent COVID-19 related issues associated with financial management and reporting.

From revenue recognition to financial reporting to grants and contracts, as of now, during COVID-19, you have a lot going on in the financial management arena of not-for-profit organizations. No matter you are a beginner or already an experienced in not-for-profit accounting and financial management, we are here with the practical guidance that will help you access more productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in your profession.

Click here to know more about us and our customized plan.

Associate with an expert team of not-for-profit auditors and accountants and expand the reach of your social services. Learn more about HCLLP and get our customized not for profit accounting and auditing plans here.

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