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Native American Audits

Native American Audits

Our firm has been serving Native American tribes and tribal organizations for the past decade. We offer these clients remote and on-site accounting, bookkeeping, and audit services for the past decade.

Over the years, we have served dozens of Native American entities with professional accounting and audit services including assurance, financial, tax, and valuation services. Our approach is highly tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Our approach

Our efforts are not just focused on delivering highly productive results, but we focus our time and energy in generating highly reliable, valid, authentic, assertive and quality rich results to help our clients’ business achieve the best possible outcome in the form of success and business growth.

Experience and expertise

Many firms service Native Americans and tribal organizations, but few specialize in this industry. We do. At Harshwal & Company, we make it a priority to deeply understand our clients and their unique needs, and we’ve been doing so for decades.

The auditors and CPAs at our firm here are highly knowledgeable professionals in examining and preparing financial statements. They are also responsible for the assurance of accuracy and correctness of receivables, payables, taxes, and all the financial records. The entire efforts of the experts here at Harshwal & Company LLP, rely on a vision to make the accounting and audit operations run efficiently and effectively on a path to produce the maximum level of profit and satisfaction. Our auditors ensure that the financial records are free from errors, protected from fraudulent activities, and provide superior attention and quality supervision.

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