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Complexities in Indirect Cost Calculation

Organizations often experience challenges in calculating indirect costs due to certain limits and circumstances, such as irregular cost rates, expenses with errors, and issues in financial misreporting. Delays in fund transfers, discrepancies in time of reporting, and difficulties in tracking indirect costs also bring major challenges to the table

We at Harshwal & Company LLP offer an innovative solution for overcoming these challenges and simplifying indirect cost calculation with a customized framework. Our technology-driven solution is determined to resolve financial misreporting, compliance risks, and difficulties justifying costs.

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Technology-Driven Strategies for Streamlining Indirect Cost

The integration of indirect cost automation (ICA) effectively overcomes the indirect cost challenges. ICA streamlines every process pertinent to tracking and reporting allowable and unallowable indirect costs.

Our team has extensive experience in effective indirect cost management and has assisted numerous clients by resolving issues related to inefficiency in grant management and inconsistency in accounting practices. Our passion drives us to transform your IDC calculation with highly effective software (ICA) proposed to enhance the accuracy and fund management practices of tribes.

Eliminate IDC Complexities with Indirect Cost Automation (ICA)

  • Easy and Simplified Calculation: Minimizes errors and reduces manual efforts to handle complex indirect cost calculation
  • Automation of Allowable and Unallowable Indirect Cost:Transforms indirect cost allocation processes and helps in achieving accuracy with automated calculation.
  • Effective Fund Management: Reduces delays in fund transfers and improves allocation and management practices.
  • Transfer from Grant Funds to General Funds: Updates grant expenditure reports, implements compliance checks, and reconciles the transferred amount between grant fund and general fund.
  • Timely Reporting:Provides accurate and on-time reports on indirect costs, supports proactive management, and improves the decision-making process.
  • Customizable Framework:Suitable for meeting different needs of organizations and enhances the precision of financial records.

With the Indirect Cost Automation (ICA) software, difficulties in indirect cost practices are quickly simplified for tribes, not for profit, state and local government, and housing authorities, which also assists in automating program expenditure tracing. Harshwal & Company LLP is always ready to provide IDC management services and assist your organization in every possible way.

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