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Charter School Accounting Services

The Unique Needs of Charter Schools

Charter Schools are K-12 institutions that are financially supported by the government using the taxpayer-funded money, but a privately owned independent authority executes all of its day-to-day operations. No revenue from tuition fees is collected from the students who get enrolled here for pursuing their educational studies. Due to the nature of Charter Schools, they operate as non-profit organizations to provide and improve educational standards for those individuals who can’t afford to pay for an education. For these schools, sometimes it can become a challenging task to manage their accounts, books, and all of their financial records in proper and stable order.

The budgets of such organizations may not allow them to maintain their accounts and records under the supervision of a qualified and experienced accounting expert. As this problem can oftentimes be a source of a headache for any Charter School administrator, a pragmatic approach is to outsource these accounting duties. The accounting and business consulting services that our firm offers are highly authoritative, well organized, well-mannered, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting for Charter Schools

To access cost-effective and standard accounting services, we highly recommended considering outsourcing these services to a well-established and reputable accounting firm that can manage all of their accounting, bookkeeping and audit needs in such a way to obtain maximum efficiency.

Harshwal & Company LLP is an outsourced accounting firm that has significant experience dealing with charter school accounting and audit projects. Clients who are looking for expert and reliable assistance in managing their accounts and finances are encouraged to reach out to us. We are here to provide assurance and guidance to help you navigate through the intricacies and challenges of accounting and financial reporting for charter schools. You will find that the knowledge and experience of our professionals will not just meet, but exceed your highest expectations.

Accounting for Charter Schools

As recently as 2016-17, the approximate number of charter schools operating in the United States is more than 6,900. Over 3.1 million students are attending Charter Schools.

Services offered by the experts here at Harshwal & Company LLP:
  • Accounts payable & receivable management.
  • Financial statement audit.
  • Easy and smart KPI monitoring.
  • Affordable, skilled, and certified professional assistance.
  • Perfectly managed payroll services.

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