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Managing the process and establishing a strong foundation towards ‘steady recovery’

Date: 07 May 2020

As this global pandemic unfolds, its impacts have resulted in creating new and unprecedented challenges for many organizations. This situation has resulted the governmental departments and business entities to adapt their response efforts to this crisis and develop a trajectory that can support towards the steady recovery of every affected domain.

As states cope up through this crisis, businesses will need to do so through skillful management of drastic diminution in revenue, surging the demands from their stakeholders, and restarting business agencies in a manner that is safe for both their employees and constituents.

There is more to resuming the economy than merely reopening businesses. The process is not about flipping a switch; the recovery procedure is about building and executing a plan that will comprise of transitional stages, and will involve business, health, and government sectors working collectively and simultaneously. In comparison to other the economic crisis, administration authorities will have an unprecedented and unique number of roles to play in reviving the economy including areas such as developing the plan, enforcing required protocols for reopening, communicating strategically about the progress and setbacks, getting the workforce back to work, and resurrecting basic services that were temporarily paused.

As we move forward, government will need to retrace its basic operating systems. The administration will need to rethink operations, workforce and its safety, and issues related to service delivery. This provides the state and local government with the opportunity for adopting new tools that enable them to serve the people with better data, digital workflows in a more effective manner and with enhanced agility.

To address all of these challenges in an integrated way, the state has taken few practical steps including:
  • Establishing a command center
  • Developing a communication strategy for enhanced transparency and to build trust
  • Executing the revival and reopening through a network of federal and local government agencies, academia, the private sector, and non-profits
  • Using technology tools to accelerate the recovery

Governments and economies will get through this, with ensuring the importance of emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. For that to happen, it is crucial that the leaders understand that the decisions made in the present scenario will set the stage for the long term and will help the nation to accelerate the rate of development and economic revitalization.

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