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What is Account Software Implementation?
At Harshwal & Company, we help clients successfully implement new accounting software or update existing accounting software. The result is better automation of financial information to build efficient accounting infrastructure. Plus, your management and administration teams can gain crucial insights from your accounting system and make better business decisions.
Who is this for?
We specialize in working with non-profit organizations, government agencies, small businesses, healthcare, and native tribes & tribal government. Most importantly, if you’re still using ledger-style accounting and bookkeeping techniques, this is the ideal service for you.
What is the process?
Moving to this type of software-based accounting can be difficult for most of them initially.

To ease your things quickly and efficiently, our approach is designed to keep you more updated and familiar with this type of accounting system. Trained and experienced staff will be assigned to you for the entire process. When you allow us to do our job, you can do your job with less stress and improved efficiency.

Steps for Accounting Software Implementation

Here are the crucial steps for a successful implementation of your new accounting system:

Project Plan

The Accounting Software implementation should begin with proper project planning. The plan should have an enhanced list of all the milestones to be achieved and the resources required from the very beginning of successful implementation.


Project Manager

We assigned you an individual of acting as a project manager for your work. He is responsible for the timely and systematic integration of your accounting software. Further, he will form a team of stakeholders from various functional parts of the organization for better execution and insight over the project.


Data Mapping

The implementation of the new accounting software should be in such a way that the existing accounting system is compatible with the newer one. The data transfer and conversion process from the migrating system to the newer one should be flexible and straightforward. Data mapping is an essential step towards the implementation process.


Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

The accounting software implementation can include Conference Room Pilot in the entire execution process. The motive of the (CRP) is to expose the functionality of the new accounting system with fresh opportunities and also list out the limitations in processing the transactions in a new system as compared to the previous one.


Application Configuration

At the end of a CRP session, it may be realized that there is a need for one or more applications to be altered for smooth and better processing of an organization’s transactions. CRP will reveal the limitations and opportunities for improvement.


Custom Report

One of the essential elements of implementing new accounting software is accessing the management in a decision-making process. This highly advanced software is capable of presenting detailed custom reports to management as per the requirement to improve your decision making.



We aim to conduct proper training before going to live with the new system. Management should understand the processes by which new system works like monthly accounting books and others. Planned investment in training improves the employee efficiency.

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